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Do you have ‘builder’ 🏗 as your middle name and diversity & inclusion 🎨 as your second name?

Then we are looking for you. Our #YouBELongProject is building a diverse talent pipeline of highly educated job seekers and passively looking employees – with a primary focus on candidates of African descent – who are looking for a job in the Brussels Region and Flanders.

✅ We need a ‘builder’ who is ready to build and grow a diverse network of talent.
✅ We need a builder who is eager to be creative to tap into the untapped potential.
✅ We need a builder who is convinced that talent has no race.

Are you that builder?
Or do you know such a builder?

👉🏿 Do send me an email so that we can set up a call 📲 to get to know each other better.

👉🏿 If you know someone that could be interested in this job opportunity: share it or send me an email please.

👉🏿 More information about the requirements and profile via this following link:


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Om te solliciteren op deze vacature stuur je je sollicitatie naar job@keep-dreaming.org